Sharing Waynesboro’s magnificence

The naturally beautiful surroundings of Waynesboro are even more fascinating because of a welcoming culture that appreciates sharing the outdoors. With anything from accessible parks, trails and rivers to guided tours, athletic events, as well as festivals, Waynesboro is four-season outdoor recreation heaven for fans of all ages.

Basic Park

The South River formed the park’s western boundary, where anglers of all ages can put their talents to the test while fishing for bass, bluegill, catfish and even trout. The park is ideal for picnics and softball, in addition to fishing. Basic Park is home to a newly refurbished picnic shelter and a softball field where adult softball leagues and competitions are often held.

Rife Park

Picnicking, fishing and animal viewing are all available at this small, intimate park on the South River’s bank. There are two picnic tables and even a boat ramp in the park. Paddlers can use the boat ramp to put in or take out while exploring the Waynesboro Water Trail areas.

Bike the Valley

The Central Shenandoah Valley is a fantastic destination for bicycles because of its pastoral scenery, small cities and towns and historical, natural and cultural attractions. The Central Shenandoah Valley is a nationally famous bike touring destination and riding is getting increasingly popular in the region.


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