Best Hiking Trails in Waynesboro Virginia

This Virginia town is worth visiting for its beautiful scenery and all the activities -indoors or outdoors- it has to offer. There are many recreational and family-friendly areas for great outdoor experiences like hiking; this is why Waynesboro is the perfect destination for day trips and excursions in its surrounding areas. Here are the best hikes and trails available in Waynesboro, Virginia.

Blue Ridge Tunnel Trail, West Trailhead

The Blue Ridge Mountains are home to the beautiful Blue Ridge Tunnel. This tunnel was designed to let the Blue Ridge Railroad pass through the mountains to get to Shenandoah Valley by French Engineer Claudius Cozet. This tunnel was completed in 1858, the longest in the country at the time. 

This tunnel was named a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark in 1976. But it was abandoned during World War II due to a new tunnel that accommodated larger trains. In 2020, it was opened to the public. If you visit, admire the unique elliptical stone portal at the western entrance and the interpretative signage that details the tunnel story as you walk along this trail. 

Ridgeview Park

This unique evergreen-lined 85-acre park located south of Magnolia Avenue is one of the local’s favorite parks cause it has a variety of amenities available for the whole family. From a playground for kids to Ball Fields for grown-ups, we assure you that you will love this place. 

Besides the beautiful Serenity Garden, green areas, and nature trails, this park has a fishing pier -available for people with a fishing permit-, soccer fields, pickleball, and tennis courts, a playground, and the well-known War Memorial Pool. It also has Reservable facilities like the River Shelter, an amphitheater, and the Woodland Shelter.

Constitution Park

E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company donated this land park, and it was named Virginia’s first Urban Trout Fishery. The Constitution Park has hosted several concerts, car shows, soccer events, festivals, and even Civil War reenactments. This park is also home to Waynesboro’s Farmers Market and Pavillion, and Dominion shelter. 

This park homes the Waynesboro Arboretum for gardening and nature lovers, which has numerous tree collections, bulb plantings, shrub displays, and annual and perennial areas.

Coyner Springs Park

This 145-acre rustic park is home to red-tailed haws, squirrels, foxes, woodpeckers, and even deer! So it’s not unusual to share Waynesboro’s fresh air with numerous wildlife. This serene and beautiful park has a vast picnic area, many nature trails, a 9-hole disc golf course, and a leash-free dog park! These amenities make Coyner Springs Park a great place to enjoy with your family and do fun activities like walking, wildlife watching, kite flying, and many more!