Historical Tours Near Waynesboro

How much do you know about the history of Virginia? The historical sites near Waynesboro will let you know about the important events in their history that will amaze you. Visit these historical sites and experience their educational tours!   

Grand Caverns

Natural phenomena are always fascinating and we never get tired of it. Visit the Grand Caverns in Grottoes that is 23 minutes away from Waynesboro. Grand Caverns’s declaration as a National Natural Landmark was in 1973; almost 2 centuries after it was discovered in 1804. Bring your children for an educational tour with Grand Caverns’s knowledgeable and passionate guides. Book your tour today and learn more about the historically rich Grand Caverns!


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Sooo…. I have been into editing photos recently and I have edited A BUNCH which means I’m going to try to post one every two or so days just so they aren’t going to waste.😁 . So background of this photo… this is a cavern in Virginia. It used to be used as a ballroom for parties and a place where there people had their weddings like waaay back when. This particular picture is of part of the cavern they had lit up and you can see int the bottom right hand corner is a little reflective pool. Really cool experience being 200+ feet underground seeing the all the different formations and little caves. Fun fact- if a drop of water falls on you, it’s considered a cave kiss which means you have good luck for 7 years! . . #va #travel #virginia #grandcaverns

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Melrose Caverns

Melrose Caverns was discovered in 1818 by David Harrison. This historical site has been preserved and owned by David Harrison’s descendants for more than a century. Tour the Melrose Caverns and see its magnificent beauty with messages carved on the walls of the cave. You may also hold parties and celebrations in Harrison Moore House in Harrisonburg. Do not miss this chance to visit one of the history’s beautiful attractions!   

Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum

Visit the Presidential Library & Museum named after the late U.S. President Woodrow Wilson in Staunton. Woodrow Wilson was born in Staunton and he is known for his leadership during the first world war where he served as the President from 1913 until 1921. Know more about the significant events in history at Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum. Virtual programs and tours are now being offered by the museum. 


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Woodrow Wilson’s favorite car, 1919 pierce arrow, I’d take it😂

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