Fife Park

801 Lyndhurst Road, Waynesboro, VA 22980

Waynesboro is a small city snuggled at the Blue Ridge Mountains base and surrounded by Augusta County in the fabulous Shenandoah Valley. This city has kept its “valley charm” while embracing modern progress; While there’s an abundance of cultural centers, shopping areas, and dining options, Waynesboro also has some fantastic and beautiful parks throughout the city. 

Rife Park is an intimate pocket park perched on the South River bank, and it offers a lot of recreational areas to fish, has a picnic, and admire wildlife. Rife Park is equipped with picnic tables as well as a boat ramp. The Park’s boat ramp is the perfect spot for paddlers to put in or take out as different areas of the Waynesboro Water Trails are explored.

This 1.0-acre Park is open from sunrise to sunset and is dog friendly. Rife Park is a beautiful place in the City of Waynesboro to enjoy a nice relaxing break, go for a calming stroll or perhaps a quick run if you’re feeling active, and visit with your friends or family to enjoy a lovely evening amid ample green areas. 

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