Short Tours at Waynesboro

Are you looking for somewhere to stroll or participate in an activity in Waynesboro? There are great places in Waynesboro where you may want to spend your leisure time. Enjoy these activities we listed while you are here in Waynesboro.

Star B Stables: Escape to the Valley

Enjoy horseback riding and escape to the valley for an hour with Star B Stables! Find them in Shenandoah Valley about 15 minutes away from Waynesboro. They will guide you on a short escape so do not have to worry about not having any experience riding a horse! Bring your friends and book a trail ride with Star B Stables.

Augusta County Railroad Museum

After a short trail ride, proceed to the Augusta County Railroad Museum. It is in the Staunton Mall. Look and admire their different model miniature trains. Railfans are extremely welcome! Augusta County Railroad Museum also sell collectables during their annual event called “Annual Model Train Show”. You may look forward to it during your yearly visit!

P Buckley Moss Museum

Visit the P Buckley Moss Museum to see more local Waynesboro’s creativity. This museum displays colorful paintings created by the talented artists of Waynesboro. If you like a certain style of drawing or painting, you may browse around the paintings displayed in this museum. You will see a lot of different art-styles from each artist. Some of them are created in a traditional style while others have adapted the modern style of painting.