Traveling with Pets

traveling with petsTrips just aren’t the same when you don’t have your four-legged friends with you. Here at Best Western Waynesboro, we understand that and that is why we are a pet-friendly Waynesboro hotel. Unfortunately, it can be difficult when traveling with pets so we have a few helpful tips for you.

  1. Keep your pet in a well ventilated crate or carrier.
  2. As great as it may feel to have the breeze blowing through Fido’s hair, it can be dangerous so keep your pets inside a moving vehicle as to not be hit by rocks or other debris.
  3. Always have plenty of water and make sure you stop for restroom breaks. Like you and I, holding it for a long period of time is not only uncomfortable, it is irritating!
  4. In the event your furriest friend decides to explore Waynesboro without you, be sure to have your contact information on his or her collar and/or have your pet microchipped before traveling.
  5. Always check vaccination policy when traveling by plane. Carry vaccination records with you just to be safe.

Upon your arrival, we will have your pet-friendly room waiting for you. Our designated rooms for pets are conveniently located near exits so that your pet can stretch their legs and relieve themselves in select areas around the property. We look forward to having you visit with us and are glad that we are your chosen pet-friendly Waynesboro hotel. Safe travels!