Virginia’s Way of Celebrating the Holiday

Celebrating the Holiday season has different traditions in every city. Most cities offer wonderful entertainment and various attractions where families can have fun and celebrate. Cities in Virginia has also started the preparation for this year’s one of the most important Holidays. Find out how the locals of Virginia will celebrate this year’s Holiday!

Frontier Culture Museum’s Old World Holiday Tours

In order to keep the tradition to celebrate the Holiday season, Frontier Culture Museum continues to provide wonderful attractions and entertainment to their visitors. Frontier Culture Museum has been offering exciting Holiday Lantern Tours for over 20 years where many locals visit every year. This year, the long-running Holiday tour will continue accepting guests with its new name, the Old World Holiday Tours.

A Christmas Carol Performance in the Shenandoah Valley

Walking on the streets and seeing Christmas trees, Christmas lights and hearing Christmas songs, it will make you realize that it is indeed the Christmas season. Uplift your spirit and celebrate the season by watching A Christmas Carol performance in the Shenandoah Valley. Keep the tradition by visiting Wayne Theatre and witness A Christmas Carol: A Live Radio Play on 18th of December 2020 at 7:30 PM. Buy your tickets before it runs out!

Charlottesville’s Decorated Train Station

See the beautiful decorations by the Garden clubs in Charlottesville as they decorate Charlottesville’s train station with wreaths, leafy decors and ribbons. It has been part of the club’s tradition during the holiday season to decorate the train station for over 10 years. Enjoy your travel as you see these wonderful decorations!


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