Waynesboro Grand Caverns

Waynesboro is filled with adventure; this city has you covered if you like to hike, bike, paddle, enjoy scenic views, or fish in the trout-stocked waters. The friendliness of the community shines throughout town. One of Waynesboro’s most scenic views is definitely the Grand Caverns.

These Caverns were discovered by Bernard Weyer in 1804 while trying to retrieve one of his traps. This cave opened for tours in 1806 and used to be named ‘Weyers Cave’; it was also called the Grottoes of the Shenandoah for a while. It wasn’t until 1926 that this place received the name we know today.

This is America’s oldest operated show cave and was declared a National Natural Landmark in 1973. These caverns are a perfect example of history and beauty. This authentic natural scenery will let you appreciate various rock formations filled with history. With the help of tour guides, you’ll enjoy this underground marvel’s wonders. So if touring caverns sounds appealing, visiting Grand Caverns is a must!

You can also bike, fish, play mini-golf, and swim in a beautiful park setting. Grand Caverns is a public park and also a Civil War Trails Attraction. They also host different events during the year, some benefiting various organizations.

Grand Caverns hosts the Fall Festival Living History Day annually on October’s first Saturday. They celebrate their heritage and exhibit their history. They also offer a unique ball during the evening. Ball tickets are limited, so make sure you purchase our tickets early.