Waynesboro’s Family-Friendly Tour

Waynesboro is a small town that has a population of about 22,000. It is located within Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains where there are numerous hiking trails and natural attractions. You can find trails that feature vineyards, mural arts and even a tunnel. It certainly has a trail for everything! Here are the areas where you and your family can visit when in Waynesboro! 

Visit the oldest show cave in America

Begin your trip to Grand Caverns! It is located 15 miles north of Waynesboro in Augusta County. Grand Caverns was the first one to open among the eight caverns in Virginia and is the oldest continually operating show cave. It was formerly known as the Weyers Cave and like other Caverns in the United States; it has beautiful stalactites, stalagmites and flowstone. But Grand Cavern has two unique features, what are those? You should visit to find out! 

The historic Blue Ridge Tunnel

It is really fascinating to witness abandoned relics from the past revived through innovative projects. The dark and cool conditions of the Blue Ridge Tunnel add to the tourists’ interest in the trail. During your visit, there will be times that you can feel the cool droplets of the water seeping through the bricks. Exploring this tunnel is truly an adventure; the 2.25-mile trail to access the tunnel goes through the forest adjacent to a stream. It’s perfect for a short family hike.

The Main Street, Waynesboro

Throughout the years, Waynesboro’s street art scenes have grown significantly. Its neighborhood is like outdoor museums that show histories and narratives you will not find in the mainstream. And because of that, the city launched the Waynesboro Street Arts Trail, which includes a free interactive scavenger hunt that allows you to learn more about each mural while also seeing other parts of town.