What Else to Look Forward to at the Wayne Theatre?

With the advent of the internet, movies and series are becoming mainstream. The circumstances of today did not hinder the development of performing arts as it rides with the trend of online streaming. Wayne Theatre is a Phoenix, born from the ashes, who was able to soar through the obstacles and kept its wings flying.

Wayne Theatre in Waynesboro

Upon the submission of Wayne Theatre to the government, its mission now is focused on promoting the artistic, cultural, educational opportunities and the economic vitality of Waynesboro. Located at 521 W Main Street, Waynesboro, VA 22980, you can now taste some different performing arts.

History of Wayne Theatre

Wayne Theatre goes back a long way, has experienced many ups and downs along the way, but still managed to pull it through. They first opened on January 18, 1926, with plans to be a Vaudeville movie house. It made its name in the playing field, yet a fire consumed the theatre and resulted in being a twin cinema. To avoid foreclosure the Wayne Theatre Alliance was created and resulted in the renovation. On March 1, 2016, Wayne was restored and opened to the public with a preview season offering an array of theatre and live performances.

Wayne Theatre’s Kind of Entertainment

After the renovation, a variety of services and entertainment was offered by the Wayne Theatre. They aligned themselves with Facebook Livestreaming and had a full event calendar. They are also open for signature speakers, exhibit art gallery and their intensive arts education program. Backed-up with these new ventures, Wayne Theatre ensures that the public gets to an authentic taste of the performing arts.

Its journey may have gone around and backed up a little, but Wayne Theatre has paved its path to continue its advocacy and promote performing arts.