Wonderful Waynesboro Burger Spots

Waynesboro has some amazing spots to grab innovative takes on the All-American hamburger!

Wonderful Waynesboro Burger Spots

Heritage on Main St

Heritage is a wonderful little bistro in downtown Waynesboro that offers excellent service, a comfortable atmosphere, and delicious food.  Their heritage burger is an favorite, stuffed with cheddar and wrapped with bacon on a thick, substantial bun to soak up all the juices.  Pair it with bacon cheese tots and finish with a piece of chocolate whiskey cake.

Green Leaf Grill

The Green Leaf Grill uses only top quality ingredients in their recipes.  Their burger is made with 100% Angus beef, and available with your choice of toppings – try havarti cheese, sauteed mushrooms, and a fried egg!  Finish with a piece of peanut butter pie.

Weasie’s Kitchen

Weasie’s is home to the chiliburger, a palate-pleasing monstrosity that you don’t want to miss out on.  The hamburger patty is piled high with housemade chili, onions, and other toppings.  If you’re really hungry, get the deep-fried onion rings on the side, but you may not even need them to fill up.

Don’t miss Waynesboro’s best burgers while you’re in town!